Headlines Here Y'All

Wednesday headlines: Dr. Strange.

Think your job has gotten strange in the past month? Imagine being tasked with rescuing humanity from a pandemic.

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The UN and Bill Gates criticize President Trump’s decision to withdraw funding for the World Health Organization.

President Obama endorses Joe Biden for president.

The CDC and FEMA have created a plan to reopen America. 

In Europe, lifting restrictions is an early test of whether democracies can restart their economies and restore basic freedoms.

From a patient in a mile-long line to a phone call days later, a nasal swab’s journey through bottleneck after bottleneck.

Why did the world shut down for Covid-19 but not Ebola, SARS, or Swine Flu? Because this virus is basically a perfect storm.

Pre-pandemic, India was already a dangerous place to be Muslim. Now islamophobia has been “transposed onto the coronavirus issue.”

In Indonesia, volunteers dressed as ghosts known as "pocong" try to scare people into social distancing.

In Italy, a woman was fined 400 euros for taking her turtle for a walk and breaking confinement rules.

In Florida, pro wrestling is deemed an “essential business.”

A remarkable photo-essay of migrants attempting to reach the United States through the Darién Gap.

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"Zumped," "FaceTumped," "Housepumped" all refer to being dumped on video during the lockdown.

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Sometimes fetishists like to be told what to do, sometimes not—like during a pandemic, when sex parties are threatened.

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New York City photographers sell prints for $150 to benefit Elmhurst Hospital in Queens.

British bakers reintroduce a nutrient-dense whole wheat bread first produced in 1942.

Without restaurant garbage to rely on, rats resort to cannibalism, "rat battles," and infanticide.

Photographs of cities with bad air pollution, before and after lockdown.

"If you have binoculars that’s obviously really helpful." A starter kit for anybody birding in place.

From "the adversary air support marketplace," a profile of the man who owns the world's most advanced private air force.

A French defense-industry employee on the verge of retirement was given a ride—that he didn't want—in a fighter jet, then he self-ejected by accident.