Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Driknedrukke

White House officials prepare a sprawling sales campaign designed to draw attention to the benefits of President Biden’s Covid-relief package. / Politico

“Many Republican politicians conservative commentators had other priorities in recent days.” / The Associated Press

Both administrations deserve credit for the vaccine rollout, although “neither wants to grant much to the other.” / The New York Times

Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev: “How to Put Out Democracy’s Dumpster Fire.” / The Atlantic

Spam robocalls are on the rise. The reason is they're incredibly profitable even though “the response rates are abysmal.” / Business Insider

There’s a chance for the American chestnut to be revived thanks to genetic engineering. / Sierra

The biggest bioluminescent vertebrate found on land or sea—found so far—is the kitefin shark. / The New York Times

See also: Illustrations from the logbooks of Nantucket whaling ships. / Public Domain Review

Get a full breakdown of how your state’s vaccination phases compare to C.D.C. recommendations. / The New York Times

Between vaccinations and contact tracing, the role of school nurses has greatly expanded. / STAT

A traveling nurse—a military veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan—estimates that he's seen 3,000 people die this year as a result of the coronavirus. / NPR

A poem for your week: A Brooklyn teenager accounts for a year under lockdown. / The Morning News

Hundafvise, drikkedrukne, and a few other (fake) Scandinavian trends besides hygge to make your lockdown seem more intentional. / The New Yorker

People are using dating apps to find drugs and doctors—almost anything but love. / VICE

In San Francisco, a woman rips off a Nepalese Uber driver’s mask and coughs on him. In Oakland, a 75-year-old Asian American is robbed and shoved to the ground. / SFist, The Washington Post

Noah Smith makes the detailed argument that, economically speaking, all futurism is Afrofuturism. / Noahpinion

Want an entertaining take on the Harry/Meghan/Oprah interview? Try an Irish perspective. / The Irish Times

Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls, died 24 years ago yesterday. Here are his best 106 songs ranked. / Passion of the Weiss

Astonishingly, another missing Jacob Lawrence painting appears out of nowhere. Seattle residents, check your attics. / The New York Times

MacKenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife, gave 25% of all US Covid-related donations in 2020. Meanwhile, she married a Seattle chemistry teacher, who finds it strange that he now needs to promise to give away his wealth. / Candid, New York Magazine