Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Dumbbell in time

The first documented COVID-19 reinfection has been reported. The patient had a new immune response, but was asymptomatic. / The New York Times

Nigeria becomes the last African country to be declared free from wild polio. / BBC News

Medical experts say the FDA "grossly misrepresented" its stat that blood plasma reduces COVID-19 deaths by 35%. / The New York Times

See also: Frog and Toad tentatively go outside after months in self-quarantine. / McSweeney's Internet Tendency

Why you can't find any dumbbells to buy: 95% of them are made in China, and production still hasn't caught up to demand. / Vox

Google searches for home gyms recently have been at an all-time high. / Reddit

Related: What the demand for bicycles tells us about our global economy. / Planet Money

The domestic economy is starting to feel the pain from Congress halting the stimulus payments for unemployed workers. / Politico

KFC pauses its "finger-lickin' good" slogan due to the coronavirus. / Boing Boing

A USPS audit finds the on-time delivery rate for first-class mail fell by about 8% from July to August. / Slate

Two people were killed by gun violence during a third night of protests in Wisconsin. / Reuters

Laura is expected to intensify to a Category 4 hurricane before landfall. In California, it’s all fire mets virus. / CNN, The New Yorker

What it’s like to be a “super recognizer,” someone who can remember 80% of the faces they see. (Most of us remember 20%.) / VICE

“Help me expand my child’s vocabulary with signs that are not part of standard ASL.” / The Morning News

According to new analysis, 265 local print newspapers in the UK have shuttered since 2005. / Press Gazette

"The colour, meanwhile, is not the nostalgia kick you might have hoped for." On receiving the new British passport. / The Guardian

Brand logos transformed into protest messages, by designer Lydia Cambron. / Booooooom

"It took way too much Black death to get here." Kiese Makeba Laymon reflects on experiencing the onset of the pandemic while on book tour. / Vanity Fair

From baseball to cage fighting, the best novels written about every sport. / Literary Hub

In this summer’s final installment of Camp ToB, TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin discusses Weather with a reader from Oceania. / The Morning News