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Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Eel or no eel.

Latin America is now the center of the global pandemic, with cases surging in Brazil. India begins loosening restrictions. In Russia, the statistics show signs of fraud.

A live-tracking map shows where the coronavirus outbreak is growing in the United States, and where it’s slowing down.

In case you missed it, some very good web design for the New York Times’s front-page treatment of the United States' nearly 100,000 lives lost to the coronavirus.

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Some 95% Sonoma County youths who contract coronavirus are Latino. Health officials cite “clusters” of large households.

Accounts of drug addiction and recovery—for both Mexicans and Americans—in Juárez.

Despite snarled global supply chains, cocaine flows freely, with dealers drawing on several months' worth of buried stashes.

In five weeks, the number of grocery workers infected or exposed to the virus jumped from 1,557 to 10,453. Meanwhile, desperate workers rush to delivery app jobs.

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Burger King offers giant crowns to keep customers socially distant in Germany.

One of America's most ambitious chefs goes full out with take-out—and it's good enough to make one critic cry.

Facial recognition researchers are using images of people wearing masks skimmed from Instagram to train new algorithms.

One sociological theory why Covid-19 is killing so many African-Americans: because slavery.

With kids at home, and families forced to take on significantly more domestic labor, women are opting out of the workforce.

Twitter begins labeling some of Trump’s posts as “misleading.” Trump responds by threatening to shut it down.

Radio stations say they learned from 9/11 how to strike the right mood in a crisis: levity is good, but positivity is best.

Live Nation is counting on drive-thru shows, aka "the automotive concert concept," to be the summer's hot ticket.

Photographs by Helga Paris of life in postwar East Germany. Other pictures: Memorial Day during a pandemic; people lined up for pre-batched martinis in Brooklyn; from NASA, “Mystic Mountain Monster Being Destroyed.”

See also: A livestream for today’s NASA/SpaceX launch, weather permitting.

A marine heatwave called "the blob" is quickly heating up glacier-fed waters from Alaska to California.

A timeline of ideas, technology, and inventions in science fiction since 1634.

The "Omegaverse" involves fictional characters behaving (erotically) like wolves. It's also a hotly contested space for copyright claims.

Have you heard of the “eel question?” It persists because eels largely remain such a mystery to scientists.

A touching profile of Philip Roth's stonemason and caretaker, who didn't think much of the author's works but loved him devotedly.