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One year later, Russia's war seems to be making Ukraine into a more Western country. / The Economist

American fossil fuel companies have locked in 45 long-term contracts and contract expansions since the war's start. / The Guardian

The White House proposes making migrants ineligible for asylum if they haven't first sought protection in other countries. / Reuters

A new study finds low-income communities in California tend to experience wildfire more frequently than higher-income groups. / Carolina Population Center

An asteroid with dimensions similar to the Empire State Building recently sped past Earth. / Mashable

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince announces plans to build a gigantic cube big enough to fit 20 Empire State Buildings. / VICE

Kim Stanley Robinson: Petro-states should be compensated for their lost income as we all go green. / Noema

A tiny, "comically square" electric car is outselling Tesla in China. / rest of world

Kitchen spice drawers are said to harbor more germs than dish towels, cutting boards, or even garbage can lids. / Sky News

What it's like to be awake for brain surgery. "The drilling of two nickel-sized holes in my skull was every bit as loud as I had been warned." / CBC

A former pro blackjack player explains the pleasure and relief in losing. / Granta

The TikTok trend #5to9—doing chores and self-care before the work day—can be exhausting to watch. / The Washington Post

Notes and photographs from a mixed-surface bike tour in New Zealand. / The Radavist