China's economy slips into deflation, with consumer prices falling for the first time in more than two years. / CNN

The United States has a new Covid-19 strain, nicknamed Eris, which the CDC estimates is causing 17.3 percent of current cases. / Vox

Evidence suggests social media is serving as an accelerant to gun violence by young people. / ProPublica

This week in trend news: Gen Z women and men say "wife pleaser" or "wife respecter" as an alternative to "wife beater," in order not to get flagged on social media. / GQ

A study predicts Gen Z will be the last generation of Americans with a white majority. / The Hill

"Light language activators" are self-styled TikTok telepaths, recording themselves receiving "frequencies or vibration from extra-dimensional beings." / Dazed

See also: A researcher finds older generations of conspiracy theorists are disgusted and frightened by QAnon influencers. / The New York Times

A Norwegian movement known as Architectural Uprising is pushing back against modern Scandinavian design trends. / Bloomberg

Why does a car's shifter go P-R-N-D? "Ralph Nader's outspoken advocacy wound up getting results." / Gear Patrol 

"​​Board last on the plane. Ignore your boarding group. It's okay." A hundred things said to make life better. / Out of the Blue 

A mountain biker tours Italy, looking for espresso. / YouTube

A pop-up, temporary web site about love on the internet is back online (for five weeks). / The Life and Death of an Internet Onion

Unrelated/related: If you speak to three new people each day for 73 years, you'll still only meet 0.001% of the world's population. / Our World in Data