Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Fake it until you break it.

US intelligence officials say Russia is actively meddling in this year's midterm elections. Tactics currently include bots spreading disinformation over social media—no hacking efforts have been disclosed.

Now Facebook was the place where publications could connect with their readers—and also where Macedonian teenagers could connect with voters in America, and operatives in Saint Petersburg could connect with audiences of their own choosing in a way that no one at the company had ever seen before. It took only two years for Facebook’s ambitions and naiveté to destroy our sense of news and facts.

Winter Olympics officials were hit with a cyberattack on Friday—probably engineered by Russia—that could have wiped their data, but chose not to.

Contrary to a viral tweet, flips were already illegal when figure skater Surya Bonaly performed hers in 1998.

Bespoke figure-skating costumes are more homemade than you might have imagined.

BMIs of Olympic athletes after World War II, organized by sport.

America is crazy for protein: Muscle Milk, made from cheese waste product, sold for a half-billion dollars.

Israeli police release a statement claiming Netanyahu should be indicted for "bribery, fraud, and breach of trust."

A Justice Dept. official's resignation means Trump could install a loyalist—and kill the Mueller investigation.

Flouting legal precedent, Dept. of Education says it will ignore transgender students' bathroom complaints.

Trump's White House turnover in the first year doubles Reagan's, the previous record-holder.

What do heroin, “paper” coffee cups that don’t biodegrade for 500 years, and Kim Jong-un’s intercontinental ballistic missiles have in common? They all contribute to the growth of the economy. GDP is the tail that wags the economic dog, even though its inventor was against growth for its own sake.

Because commerce-mandated love is in the air, some offerings from the TMN romance department: How to tell if someone loves you, a roundtable on the trials and tribulations of online dating, 100 different ways to say "I love you," and a taxonomy of kink.

Q&A with a pirate: Common ownership makes science work—we must abolish copyrights of scientific knowledge.

"It was like watching a scene from Rushmore." Drama-prone biohacking CEO locks colleagues out of the lab.

An interrogation of the gendered nature of collaboration in math academia, as summarized by the Erdős number.

A statistical analysis predicts that by 2032 men will live as long as women.

No, Kendrick Lamar is not banning phones from his concerts.

While American malls close, malls in Asia are becoming more like community centers.

Readers love to steal Bukowski and Murakami from indie bookstores.

A video of film in multiple formats—35mm, 16mm, and 8mm—spliced together into surreal loops.

"Ruined Polaroids" are the abstract output from photographer William Miller's reengineered Polaroid camera.