Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Feeling jantie.

House Democrats subpoena the full Mueller report “without redactions” and “without delay,” a move that will likely end up in court.

See also: "Trump Aides Fear He Is Overselling His 'Exoneration.'"

Whether it’s closing the border or health care, DC is “reeling with policy whiplash” as Trump struggles with his domestic agenda.

Ecuador legalized gangs in 2007. Over the next decade, murder rates plummeted.

“They have a workflow, they murder people.” One of Russia’s hitmen in Ukraine explains his job.

Jamal Khashoggi’s children have received million-dollar houses and monthly five-figure payments as compensation for the killing of their father.

Studying 917 million airfares in more than 8,000 different markets yields tips on when to buy flights in 2019.

NASA needs volunteers to spend two months in bed eating, reading, and watching TV for about $18,565.

Revenue breakdowns for the top five tech companies. Over 98% of Facebook's income is from ads.

Why Twitter handle harassment problems: perhaps because none of its original creators had ever been harassed.

What happens when you try to ride an e-scooter as far as its battery will take you?

California’s latest drought is “an exceptional earthquake drought.”

Natural Cycles is the only regulator-approved contraceptive app, but unplanned pregnancies are still making it through.

Male birth control is likely coming soon. A man participating in a clinical trial reports feeling "a little bit moody."

See also: Here come “janties,” or denim panties.

The same gene may be responsible for the way we process physical and psychological pain.

Hospitals have long strained to accommodate patients in psychiatric crisis. Psychiatric ERs offer a solution.

Watch: The French artist JR created a paper illusion for the Louvre’s pyramid. It took visitors less than a day to destroy it.

During Louisiana’s “land-loss crisis,” the state has shrunk by more than two thousand square miles.

At one end of the income spectrum, single women drive gentrification in Hong Kong. At the other end, they’re bearing the brunt of it.

Climbing Everest requires landing at Tenzing-Hillary Airport, the world’s most dangerous airstrip. Here's a video.

Advice we never thought we'd have to give: Don't order a milkshake for delivery.