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Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Fish (might) fear you

A study finds Black and Asian people in England have to wait longer for a cancer diagnosis than white people, with some forced to wait an extra six weeks. / The Guardian

Congress's first Gen Z member is likely to be a Black anti-gun activist from central Florida. / The Root

Related/unrelated: A Black man in Alabama was watering his neighbor's flowers. Then the cops showed up. / NPR

America's fight over Roe v Wade has fired up women to register to vote. / The Economist 

Republicans may vote unanimously to not do anything about the climate crisis, but clean energy jobs are booming in their states. / CNN

First Solar announces a new US panel factory thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. / CNBC

Whiskey is tied to climate. And as makers get better at tracking environmental fluctuations, they're achieving more consistent results. / BBC Future

See also: A history of the first diagnostic test for opioid addiction. / The MIT Press Reader

A chef in Chicago is cooking fanfiction: serving dishes from shows like Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks. / Eater

More than three dozen students explain what they're wearing to school for their first day back. Also, how "fish fear me" became viral fashion. / Strategist, Input

An interview with the UK's only professional death-mask maker. "When you die, you look amazing." / Lithub

Do other animals have our emotions? The idea's compelling, but it probably says more about our desires than what animals actually feel. / The Guardian

Beautiful photographs—and a story about a stray dog—from a cycling expedition through Colombia. / The Radavist