Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: For starters, there’s no button.

North Korea reopens its border telephone line with the South—a dramatic reversal of relations and probably a clever strategic move to thwart the White House.

If you thought Trump couldn’t make himself look any more pathetic: after Kim Jong Un mentioned a nuclear button on his desk, Trump protested that he’s got one, too, and it’s bigger and more powerful.

For starters, there’s no button.

A drunk man with a “small arsenal” of weapons on the top floor of a Houston hotel was arrested on New Year’s Eve.

A drunk man took a taxi in Copenhagen in 2017 and arrived in Oslo in 2018, but didn’t pay the fare.

Ajit Pai is still revising the net neutrality order, and no one yet knows the final scope of the repeal.

A Q&A with a retired Air Force general on our lack of oversight in preventing the proliferation of lethal robots.

Here’s the moon’s topography using Earth colors. And here’s a collection of beautiful geologic maps of the Moon.

2017 marked the safest year in commercial aviation history, with no commercial passenger jet deaths reported.

Twenty-nine journalists, writers, and thinkers choose the most and least important events of the past 12 months.

TMN’s Andrew Womack shares his favorite music of the year: 74 albums that he listened to over and over in 2017.

Artist Adela Andea depicts natural phenomena as light installations.

Plant-based food innovation is nearing an uncanny valley, where every scientist is competing on meat emulation.

YouTuber Logan Paul’s awful video increases suicide risk among his audience of 15 million viewers through copycat behavior.

Because those with a family history of cancer get screened more, we don’t understand the scope of all risk factors.

Watching his father’s body enter the death process, a doctor reflects on what keeps someone whole.