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Wednesday headlines: Freeze…and marry me!

The White House plans to revoke California’s authority to set the country’s strictest automobile emissions standards.

On a visit to the state, Trump’s comments about the housing problem sound similar to those of California’s most liberal politicians.

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“There’s not even lip service to the science." Interviews with scientists ostracized by Trump's EPA.

Five quotes from Jonathan Mingle’s assessment of the current thinking on air pollution, a “global health emergency.” 

The rise of SUVs in Germany has become a target for anarchists, who have burned more than 300 parked vehicles this year in Berlin.

Picturing US cities if Frank Lloyd Wright and Robert Moses had won commissions that they bid for but lost.

Watch: ​Side-by-side views of today's London compared to how it looked in some of the oldest surviving videos of the city.

In Moscow's "extreme proposals" industry, men propose to their finacées at gunpoint during staged police raids.

According to a new study, one in 16 women between 18 and 44 says her first sexual experience was rape.

Exit polls for Israel’s second election this year are inconclusive at this point.

A year of books from the African continent.

The Dutch still life tradition gets "glitched" in paintings by Olan Ventura.

Nirvana's photographer explains how he shot the iconic swimming-baby cover for Nevermind.

An essay on the merits of going to bars alone.

“We are fulfilling our lives in service of others.” An Alabama restaurant has no prices on its menu, relying on donations instead.

Reporter Cokie Roberts dies at the age of 75, due to complications from breast cancer.