Phoenix breaks a 1974 heat record with 19 days of temperatures at 110 degrees or higher. / The Guardian

Sophie Benson: What do global sustainability summits actually achieve? "Excitement, cynicism, and hope." / Dazed

How doctors are preparing for a future of extreme heat: charity clinics, (lifesaving) body bags, "prescriptions" for an air conditioner. / STAT

"Active clubs," growing in the United States, use "fashion, fitness and fighting" to combine European ultranationalism with American neo-Nazi hatred. / NPR

A group of Bitcoin fans "establishes" a micronation on a boggy patch of land unclaimed by Croatia and Serbia. / Unherd

Watch: A wall of lava lamps encrypts up to 10 percent of the web. / Atlas Obscura

Three new drugs now seem effective against Alzheimer's Disease. / The Economist

A woman in France having coffee with a friend gets struck by a small meteorite. / Newsweek

See also: Some old favorites from events in the far future. E.g., Niagara Falls ceases to exist in 50,000 years from now. / Kottke, Wikipedia

Older Americans are not the biggest marijuana-using demographic, but use among older NPR listeners "is growing like a weed." / The Washington Post

Recent research finds sound to possess "a remarkable ability" to influence the way we taste food. / DMARGE

See also: An explainer on what exactly is Old Bay Seasoning. / Mental Floss

Former Apple chief design officer Jonny Ive "gently" updates a 50-year-old turntable. / dezeen

"The beauty of this exploration lies in the never-ending surprises it holds." Confessions of a photograph colorizer. / The Colour of Time with Marina Amaral

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