Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Good morning, please don’t arrest me.

The Senate voted to kill the fine print that opens banks and credit card companies to class-action lawsuits, instead forcing consumers to seek arbitration to resolve financial disputes.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, elevated to Mao status with the enshrinement of his words in the Communist Party of China's constitution, has been reelected, and has chosen no apparent successor—which could mean he intends to be around beyond the next five years.

The months between Trump's inauguration and Republican Sen. Jeff Flake's decision to retire and his impassioned anti-Trump speech were marked by his optimism for a return to normalcy.

A law firm announces the salacious Russia dossier on Trump was the result of opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Questioning the bipartisan love for Orwell, who said "every line [I write] is for democratic socialism."

This is Puerto Rico at 23% power: Surgeons operate by phone light; hospitals can't find supplies around the corner.

Nonprofits face future challenges as donations from middle-class America plummet.

Apartheid never really ended—300 years of subjugation have left black rights in South Africa inadequate.

“Rescue missions may not be where your boat is. Even if they were, your chances of being picked up in time are extremely small—especially if smugglers leave your rubber boat drifting without a motor.” Germany launches a website for refugees to correct lies heard from traffickers and dispel other immigration rumors.

Anti-abortion activists object to an app delivering birth control, including the morning-after pill, in 15 states.

Google controls our data. If its Toronto smart-city project happens, it could mean more control in our daily lives.

A Palestinian man is arrested after Facebook incorrectly translates his "good morning" caption as "attack them."

“So I had written down this question asking if you had assaulted other women. And then I had another question written down, which was if you would even tell me if you had.” Gripping and frank, a reporter interviews her attacker on why he assaulted her 10 years ago.

The Jefferson Grid—Thomas Jefferson’s method of segmenting newly acquired US territory into individual square miles—animated using images from Google Earth.

Artist Chris Dorosz creates three-dimensional images by hanging dried drops of paint.

“Mace Windu is the only intelligent Jedi depicted in any film. When all the other Jedi are falling into a stupid trap ordered by Yoda, Mace is the one who does his job as a secret agent, sneaks up to the balcony, and puts a light saber to the bad guy’s throat.” Prosecuting Star Wars: Yoda is a cretin. George Lucas is a propagandist. “Civilization is damaged.”

If research on sleepwalking is any indication, we can assume real-life zombies would be the fast kind. Eep.