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Wednesday Headlines: Halfway between Blue Monday and Black Friday.

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After Zimbabwe's government had already begun the impeachment process, Robert Mugabe announced he would resign as president, ending 37 years of rule.

Mugabe will be replaced by ousted vice president Emmerson "The Crocodile" Mnangagwa, the former head of Zimbabwe's secret police, which targeted and killed thousands of political and civilian opponents.

Rates of self-harm among US girls aged 10 to 14, including attempted suicides, overdoses, and cutting, tripled between 2009 and 2015—possibly due to cyberbullying, substance abuse, or economic factors.

Congress votes on Dec. 14 on whether to end net neutrality. From this excellent thread by Anil Dash on why net neutrality matters, here are a couple of call scripts you can use to contact your reps. Everyone who speaks up gets extra pie.

If you're concerned about how the end of net neutrality would put our web habits in the hands of a few powerful corporations like Comcast and AT&T, worry not: Scrappy indie underdogs like Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix will be just fine, and may even see a rise in stock prices.

In addition to killing net neutrality, the FCC also wants to shut down states’ plans for their own neutrality rules.

“This makes for a dangerous mix: a company that reaches most of the country every day and has the most detailed set of personal data ever assembled, but has no incentive to prevent abuse.” Why Facebook must either be better regulated or broken apart.

A UN court has found Ratko Mladic—aka the "Butcher of Bosnia"—guilty of genocide and war crimes, including the 1992 mass executions of 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica and the rape of upwards of 12,000 women.

“Birtherism was not simply racism, but nationalism—a statement of values and a definition of who belongs in America. By embracing the conspiracy theory of Obama’s faith and foreign birth, Trump was also endorsing a definition of being American that excluded the first black president.” For Americans, nationalism allows them to voice their true beliefs without confronting their racism.

Google to derank Russian propagandists RT and Sputnik, but won't go so far as to remove them entirely.

Venmo's lack of transfer fees means no fraud protection—as at least one scammer, "Andy Mai," has discovered.

“I think of America, I think of gun violence and sad people.” We phoned random strangers around the world to ask them what they think of this holiday called Thanksgiving.

Profiles of three polio survivors, who are using what may be the last remaining iron lungs in operation.

With livers in short supply, foreign nationals traveling to the US for transplant surgery spark anger.

"Sure, he knows the relationship can't last, but he seems only casually troubled by its moral implications." A must-read by Claire Dederer on the success of monsters, and why Manhattan is Woody Allen's tell.

Then-and-now photos of CBGB regulars, and what they've been doing (and listening to) since the punk heyday.

If we must alert extraterrestrials to our presence, better to beam Jean-Michel Jarre recordings than Doritos ads.

The sprawling shelves of China's new Tianjin Binhai Library hold 1.2 million books, though not all of them are real.

A brief history of Britain's brutalist housing complexes from the 1960s and '70s.

Here's your TMN Thanksgiving survival guide. You're one day behind on meal prep, but that's OK: How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner. Make it through a family holiday gathering with tactics from a former lead FBI kidnapping negotiator. And finally, if you can extract yourself from the mayhem, you might ask, “What’s the point in giving thanks?”