Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Hand-to-hand.

Thirteen million people in Yemen face starvation, what the UN says could become "the worst famine in the world in 100 years."

Zimbabwe plunges into its worst economic crisis in a decade, complete with price spikes and product shortages.

Canada becomes the second country after Uruguay to legalize recreational marijuana.

More than 20 countries have approved the use of medical marijuana. The global market could be worth more than $50 billion by 2025.

As soon as he was elected, Trump focused on his re-election. He's raised $135M at 29 fundraisers, mostly for himself.

Two chefs found success in one of the unlikeliest corners of Utah. Now they’re doing “hand-to-hand combat” with the White House.

A carbon tax plan endorsed by Exxon would also invalidate federal air regulations and excuse the company’s liability for climate damages.

Britain's investment in new aircraft carriers is a political, as much as a military, decision.

A predatory subprime auto lender that “repossesses about 35% of all vehicles it finances” tells a story about Detroit.

Poor people in states that expanded Medicaid under Obama are less likely to forgo needed medical care.

How the Sears catalog finally made it possible for black Southerners to shop amidst the rampant racism of the Jim Crow era.

Manhattan has become a wealthy ghost town, empty but for places selling things that Amazon can’t deliver.

Apple replaces its controversially dry, unappealing bagel emoji with one filled with cream cheese.

Tom Blachford takes photographs of Modernist buildings lit by moonlight.

A San Francisco columnist complains that the city has yet to hit 85 degrees this year.

California's new primary date means millions will have cast votes before New Hampshire voters go to the polls.

Public transportation has failed in the US but succeeded elsewhere because ours is not all that great.

Wave and ripple designs from 1903, by Japanese artist Mori Yuzan.

A buddhist monk "secured his infamy" by describing his love of sex in detail. A new translation remains controversial.

The self-help movement has "a startling paucity of theories" about the self. To be precise: It has one.

Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is about to restore Rembrandt’s "The Night Watch." The entire process will stream live online.

Fervent groups of giant-vegetable growers in Canada are trying to grow a 2,000-pound pumpkin.

Tractor overturns are the leading cause of farm fatalities.

It's the middle of October and we almost forgot to link a favorite autumn story: "It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers."