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Wednesday Headlines: Here are the best people.

Federal judge rules DACA must be reopened, calling the White House's maneuvers to end it "arbitrary and capricious," while allowing the Dept. of Homeland Security 90 days to provide an adequate argument for why the program should be illegal.

The thousands-strong caravan of Central American migrants that has incited so much political fury from the White House finally arrives in Tijuana.

Trump's pick for veterans affairs secretary, White House physician Ronny Jackson—who charmed Trump in January with a hyperbolic monologue on the results of the president's physical—looks unlikely to receive a confirmation hearing as allegations against him pile up, including alcohol abuse, overprescribing pharmaceuticals, creating a hostile workplace, and harassing a female employee.

Beyond Jackson's behavior, though, is the fact that he has no previous experience that qualifies him to rehabilitate and lead a troubled department with 375,000 employees. This lack of reasonable vetting is the latest in a long line of disastrous cabinet nominations that has become a hallmark of the Trump administration, and is frustrating senators. This, apparently, is what Trump's campaign promise to hire the "best people" looks like.

Two years in, Finland will end its universal basic income pilot, retreating to work-based qualification for benefits.

He wanted the headline to capture what he called Ms. Swift’s audacity so he used a word that nodded to whitewashing: caucasity. (In further describing Ms. Swift as a “soft-boiled ostrich egg,” Mr. Lee was referencing a recent episode of Atlanta.) How Bossip writes the world’s greatest headlines.

Alice Procter's Uncomfortable Art Tours pair 17th- and 18th-century art with the British Empire's ugly history.

Facebook releases a 27-page community standards document to show users how inclusive and welcoming its services are.

The real problem with Facebook is it has no real competition—how could it, since it already has all your data?

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Visualizing the big topics being discussed on the darkweb right now.

"Artificial intelligence doesn’t share the same historic evolution as human beings, so it doesn’t have that same survival instinct. It doesn’t care. I’m not particularly worried about that scenario of a takeover." An interview with Westworld‘s neuroscience advisor. (Season one spoilers ahead.)

Now at three days, the UK breaks its 2017 coal-free record of 24 hours—its longest stretch since the 19th century.

A decade after trying to live one month without plastic, a journalist finds individuals are using less plastic, but stores are pushing it more than ever.

Last week, France's government banned animal-based terms for vegetarian foods in French—e.g., "soy milk."

Amazon is delivering packages to Volvo and GM car trunks that are enabled with remote unlocking systems.

See a nuclear detonation’s reach and casualties over a map of your location.

Photos from Pinecraft, Fla., where hundreds of Amish and Mennonite families have vacationed for nearly a century.