Those Headlines

Wednesday headlines: How much for the iceberg?

A sweeping report on Donald Trump’s two-year war on the investigations encircling the White House.

Sen. Bernie Sanders raised more than $4 million in 12 hours after announcing his 2020 presidential campaign. (Harris raised $1.5 million in the first 24 hours.)

A scientist says low levels of toxic chemicals and radiation are good for people—a disputed claim that Trump’s EPA has now embraced.

Grand Canyon tourists have been exposed for years to radiation in a museum building.

Australia's Bramble Cay melomys is the first known mammal species to go extinct due to human-caused climate change.

From 2006-2016, state prosecutors admitted that at least 2,884 bodies were found in 24 states. A map of Mexico's mass graves.

Neighborhoods in America have changed drastically but for two types: poor black neighborhoods and affluent white and Asian ones.

Dollar stores can be a vital source of cheap staples. They also deter other businesses, like options for healthful food.

In Cisco, Utah, ruin porn has become a tourist commodity.

"I learned that you don’t need a lot of space to have a great quality of life." A report from Canada's off-the-grid communities.

Iceberg Vodka, a Canadian vodka distiller, suffers a heist of 30,000 liters of melted iceberg.

The odds of being killed by cops when unarmed are about the same for black and white males; for black women, they're much higher.

There has always been a division between black performers and the fruit of their creativity. Making the argument for a space for popular dances in Fortnite that also allows artists to be compensated.

Burberry apologizes for sending a model down the runway wearing a noose.

Watch: a short documentary from 2016 about how Chicano culture has been embraced in Japan.

The first privately funded spacecraft to journey to the moon is set for launch on Thursday, propelled by a rocket from SpaceX.

Intimacy. Speed. Casualness (real). Casualness (false). A sort-of-comprehensive list of reasons to type in lowercase.

There's been an exponential rise in emoji references in US court opinions, with over 30 percent of all cases appearing in 2018.

The reason women now receive equal prize money in surfing contests is because one group insisted on riding giant waves.

Candidates for the ninth European Tree of the Year contest.

And in case you've got the winter blues: illustrations of summery southern France by Cépé.