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Wednesday headlines: How the other laugh lives

An earthquake in Afghanistan, the deadliest in decades, kills at least a thousand people. / The Associated Press

Border-crossing data show a steady flow of Ukranian refugees returning to their country. / The Economist

Interview with a Ukrainian software engineer on what it's like to live with air raid sirens, and what it's like to turn them into data. / How to Read This Chart

Finland says it's ready to fight should Russia decide to invade. / The Guardian

Nearly as long as there have been hot dogs, there's been "hot dog diplomacy," when American politicians feed them to foreign leaders. / Atlas Obscura

See also: A personal essay about "making bread out of bread crumbs" in Washington DC. / n+1

Research suggests that working in virtual reality will not increase a person's productivity, comfort, or wellbeing. "Quite the opposite in fact." / Kotaku

Housing affordability in the US hits a 15-year low. / Zillow

The vast majority of Gen-Z thinks they'll be wealthy one day. Also, a profile of a canceled teenager. / TheStreet, The Cut

A study suggests book buyers don't discriminate against Black, female, or young authors—unlike book publishers, historically. / PLoS ONE

To listen to Weezer's new single, you and your phone need to turn around in circles. / Human Record Player

A short essay by Nuar Alsadir about spontaneously laughing in public. "I worried I would look foolish." / The Paris Review

Related: Confessions of a former astrologist. / Granta

From April, some analysis of the world's oldest pants, "with flexibility in some places and sturdiness in others." / Arstechnica

The mattress-industry disruptors come for pro shopper Patricia Marx, and soon she can't tell them apart. / The New Yorker

Architect Catie Newell gives an aging Michigan barn a slice of sky. / Colossal