Poland says the missile strike on its land appears to be an accident by Ukraine. / NPR

On the day FTX declared insolvency, El Salvador, suffering the Bitcoin crash, announced a free trade agreement with China. / The Guardian

A South Korean regional leader's dislike of a new Legoland park is threatening to downgrade government debt. / Foreign Policy

In Thailand, monkeys are chained and forced to pick coconuts sold to Western companies like HelloFresh. / CBS News

Sophie Strand: To survive this era of ecological collapse, I'm choosing a weed to be my saint. / Make Me Good Soil

Analysis of "the four rings of GOP infighting" currently taking place. / Wake Up to Politics

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Ten trends to watch in the coming year include revenge tourism, peak China, and the medium-term rush to renewables. / The Economist

In a recent survey of 5,000-plus single Americans, nearly 80 percent of singles said the end of Roe has changed their sex life. / VICE

Generative AI had a very big year, though no one's quite sure, including advocates and critics, if any of it is legal. / The Verge

From September, an interview with Thomas Thwaites, the engineer who tried to make a toaster from scratch, walk like a goat, and build a harmless car. / The Prepared

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