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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Hu hu hu hu.

After winning Georgia's Democratic nomination yesterday, Stacey Abrams could now become America's first black woman governor in November.

See also: More key election takeaways from Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas.

Multiple McDonald's and Walmart employees take up sexual harassment lawsuits against their employers.

The SCOTUS ruling against employee-organized class-action lawsuits removes a key component of the #MeToo arsenal.

After about four decades, China may drop its household limits on children later this year.

China's hospitals have a troubling history of separating parents and newborns until their medical bills are paid.

The ACLU says Amazon is offering a cloud-based facial-recognition service to at least two US police departments.

Hu hu hu hu. That’s me breathing loud. I do that when I’m scared. I’m pretty sure everybody is terrified, even our fish is terrified. I will never forget this day. They’ll probably make my mom leave early too. I can’t wait until I get home and by the way I am still hu hu hu huing. Young writers, aged 7 to 13, talk about school shootings.

Many of Trump's tweets are written by aides, who insert grammatical mistakes to imitate their boss.

Trump doesn't use hacking-resistant iPhones, telling his security team they're "too inconvenient."

From the outside, the negotiator Trump is today would not have impressed the one from The Art of the Deal.

I completely understand how it’s harder and harder to get a pair of eyes on content these days because there’s so much stuff and people are bombarded with different things. But it does seem like people just freak out a lot. Editor-in-chief of the Onion explains how the publication retooled in the age of Trump.

Another EPA scandal as CNN and AP reporters are barred from a talk about its prior scandal of covering up a chemical pollution study.

Totaling everything from health care to suicide, child abuse in America costs more than $9 billion a year.

Amnesty International finds Rohingya Muslim militants in Myanmar massacred up to 99 Hindu civilians last August.

Hundreds gathered in Oakland on Sunday for a celebration of #BBQingWhileBlack.

A brief timeline of student activism in the United States.

Amid recent Russian skirting of its airspace and water, Sweden distributes leaflets on what to do in case of war.

Humans account for just 0.01% of all life, but we've caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of plants.

Manipulate nature's soundscapes by adding and removing their components—e.g., insects, people.

See how Earth looked at various stages in its evolution, from 600 million to 20 million years ago.

The Rooster Nonfiction Pop-up: We’ve now wrapped up Priestdaddy, our final memoir of the month, and Sarah Hepola and Andrew Womack are back to discuss the book's surprising conclusion.

When other artists have done some version of this (see: Katy Perry and Minaj’s onetime nemesis Miley Cyrus), it has quickly been called out as appropriative, meaning that it was only natural that some people might ask: “Nicki, what’s good?” Did Nicki Minaj’s SNL performance qualify for cultural appropriation?

The first phone phreak used a whistle from a box of Cap'n Crunch to trick AT&T's systems and get free long distance.

Researchers posit Michael Jackson's 45-degree "Smooth Criminal" lean takes intense core strength (and a trick shoe).