Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Huge unimportant details.

In a massive journalistic effort that will change zero minds, a review of potential cases of 2020 voter fraud shows there wasn't enough to tip the election. / Associated Press

Related: Three residents of the Villages in Florida face felony charges for casting more than one vote in the 2020 election. / Orlando Sentinel

And also: Pro-Trump volunteers are going door-to-door to investigate election fraud. In Colorado, Three Percenters suggested canvassers should be armed. / BuzzFeed News

Five former SpaceX employees come forwards with claims that the company has a culture of unchecked sexual harassment. / The Verge

"There was no mention of the human suffering that precipitated the removal." By erasing the Sackler name, museums dodge responsibility. / The Guardian

The current state of stolen NFT art—where thieves grab images from online creators and mint them as NFTs. / MEL Magazine

Two Washington artists have been charged with representing themselves as Native American heritage and selling fake indigenous art. / Hyperallergic

"It is essential to understand who we are." The "mestizo myth" persists in Latin America, vexing geneticists. / Nature

We're entering a period of increased solar activity, which means potentially disruptive solar flares will become more likely. / Discover

See also: "Next year, we will begin creating our most detailed map yet of the visible sky." / WIRED

Sony, Universal, and Warner join a pact begun by indie music labels to halve carbon emissions by 2030. / Pitchfork

"Oftentimes, ghost bikes are stolen for scraps. In some cases, the memorials are removed by those who live or work nearby." / Houston Chronicle

How Amazon's policies—compounded by winter conditions—put its drivers at increased risk during the holidays. / VICE

Related/unrelated: "The Hidden Labor of Holiday Magic," by Aubrey Hirsch. / The Audacity

"It's a hidden danger in nearly every community." All too often, people drown in storm drains during floods. And it's preventable. / ProPublica

Poster art containing spectacular pyrotechnics, by Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage. / Colossal

"This is a goddamn travesty." A cardiologist on whether Carrie should have called 911. / Vulture