Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: I don’t want to be an internet person

In the week ending November 26, more than 34,000 positive flu tests were reported in the US, the most in a single week during any flu season on record. / Vox

Avian influenza has led to the deaths of over 52 million birds in the United States this year. / Smithsonian Magazine

Potentially a new workplace perk in 2023: psychedelic-assisted therapy? / STAT

Former President Trump's businesses are convicted of criminal tax fraud and other financial crimes. Meanwhile, Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock wins in Georgia. / The Washington Post, Slate

Texas will get most of its electricity next year from solar and wind power. Meanwhile, a Texas group wages a crusade against other states' climate policies. / The Week, The New York Times

Silent electric mountain bikes become a "surprise secret weapon" for catching poachers in Mozambique. / Wired

A glimpse into the booming cyberweapons trade in Africa. / Politico

See also: A survey of afrofuturist chairs featured in the new Black Panther film. / dezeen

Your weekly white paper explains why the Southern Hemisphere is generally stormier: ocean circulation and the large mountain ranges in the Northern Hemisphere. / UChicago News

Researchers are trying to understand what drives pink snow algal blooms. / Undark

"Smeals" refer to a new category of "thaw and serve" foods, ready to eat in two hours or less, no microwave required. / Axios

A London tattoo-removal studio offers to erase Kanye West-inspired tattoos for free. / Hypebae

Ginevra Davis: I don't want to be anything like these people. I don't want to be an internet person. / Palladium