Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: I sold the French Laundry

Protests in Iran continue despite the crackdown by security forces that one human rights group says has killed at least 201 people. / BBC News

The midsummer polling "tick" in Democrats' favor "has duly been answered by a Republican 'tock' this autumn." / The Economist

The backstory on why Los Angeles's government is imploding after leaked audio finds council members trading racist jokes while making political sausage. / KnockLA

The meeting was secret and ugly, but probably not illegal. / The Los Angeles Times

Unrelated/related: Welcome to "words against strangers." / The Pudding

Sam Quinones traces western states' recent epidemic of homelessness marked by meth abuse and tents to LA's Skid Row. / Los Angeles Magazine 

The #MeToo movement in Hollywood moves on after the self-destruction of Time's Up. / The Hollywood Reporter

Two reporters explain why "Mexican Week" is a sign of bigger problems for the Great British Baking Show. / The Los Angeles Times

Diplomatic dining—food presented at state dinners—has become recognized over time as an instrument of "soft power." / WePresent

See also: "I sold the French Laundry, then it became the best restaurant in the world." / YouTube

Malcolm Harris: America has become an increasingly difficult place to be a happy child, and it's well past time to start treating that as an urgent political problem. / New York Magazine

Feeling awe may be essential to humans' wellbeing, and it makes for nicer people. But is "society is becoming less awe-friendly?" / The Guardian

A lot of thoughts (and videos) about innovations in contemporary juggling. / Ironic Sans