Rough estimates suggest between 1 and 1.5 million people have died since China ended "zero Covid." / The New York Times

A new understanding of spillover viruses may help scientists prevent the next pandemic. / NPR

At least 6,000 children from Ukraine have attended Russian "re-education" camps in the past year. / CNBC

FYI: Russia also has a fleet of spy balloons. / The Drive

Is Argentina staging an economic comeback? Measured in dollars, most Argentine stocks are up "by 100% or more in the last six months." / Econlib

An investigation finds a team of Israeli contractors who claim to have manipulated more than 30 elections around the world. / The Guardian

The University of Richmond takes a man's family name off a building for its associations with slavery. The man demands $3.6 billion. / The Washington Post 

Your weekly weird dataset: The first large-scale overview "of well-dated human remains from northern European mires." / Cambridge University Press

Forensic experts may have found that Chilean poet Pablo Neruda died from poisoning. / The Associated Press

Zion Lights: Everything I believed about nuclear waste was wrong. / Zion Lights

Mary Gaitskill recalls two writing classes she taught 25 years apart, each with a menacing male student. / Liberties

A license plate featuring just the letter "R" fetches more than $3 million at auction in Hong Kong. / South China Morning Post

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