Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: It’s the candle, stupid.

From airlines to beer to high-speed Internet access, competition is quickly dying in American capitalism.

Joe Kennedy III sounds a lot like his grandfather Bobby in a speech responding to GM’s decision to cut 14,000 jobs.

As of August, Democrats have a more positive image of socialism than they do of capitalism.

In one suburban Los Angeles elementary school, nearly a quarter of students were classified as homeless last year.

Cash is currently outperforming both stocks and bonds, something it hasn’t done over the course of a year since 1994. It’s only happened 10 times in 92 years.

Thanks to the rise of "prestige candles," the self-care market, and Instagram, a Gucci candle costs $600.

An ATM in Texas spat out hundreds instead of tens. The bank said customers are welcome to keep the money.

Bans on pay-toilets in America were a win over sexism, and free toilets for all people were meant to come next. But cities never built them.

“Wigging” is the practice in which male stunt actors play female characters.

A terrific essay by Andrea Long Chu addresses the only prerequisite that should be required for trans surgeries: a demonstration of want.

Laurene Powell Jobs acquires Pop-Up Magazine Productions and California Sunday while quietly buying up one media property after another.

"Psychic numbing" means that as the number of victims in a tragedy goes up, our willingness to help reliably decreases.

"Bad plowing done straight is better than good plowing done bent." A report from the world of competitive plowing.

Common geographic misconceptions show that “mental map” errors are pervasive and stubborn.

The Borscht Belt, aka America's Jewish Vacationland, has deteriorated to the point of becoming ruin porn.

Before NASA's InSight lander performs any tasks on Mars, engineers run tests on Earth in a nearly perfect simulation of the landscape.

A professional poet explains the oddness of being tapped to write mediocre verse for Maggie Gyllenhaal's new film.

"It’s hard to miss the repeated notion in Tolkien that some races are just worse than others." On fighting prejudice against orcs.