Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: It’s the Georgia, stupid

On Tuesday, the US hit another one-day record, logging more than 135,000 new coronavirus cases. There are now 40 percent more people hospitalized with COVID-19 than there were two weeks ago. / The Washington Post, The Atlantic

US hospitalizations overall have nearly doubled since September. Experts fear multiple epicenters where hospitals are overrun. / NPR

A large study finds 20 percent of those infected with the coronavirus are diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder within 90 days. / Reuters

Lockdown is the word of the year, with a 6,000 percent increase in usage since 2019. / The Guardian

For your lockdown wanderlust: A two-person observatory overlooking a crater in Israel's Negev Desert. / Ignant

Trying to picture a national mask mandate? Look to the battles (and misinformation) that erupted over seat belt laws. / STAT

Watch: This is your N95 with a valve. This is your N95 without. / The Morning News

Silence from certain world leaders indicates where a Joe Biden administration may struggle. / Quartz

“Everything wrong with the world is here” is a phrase that's said about Beirut, and it may be true of the United States, too. / The Atlantic

Saturday Night Live designers explain how they recreated Kamala Harris’s white pantsuit in 85 minutes. / Popsugar

See also: Doug Emhoff is not just the first "second gentleman," but the first Jewish person married to a president or vice president. / NPR

Officials fear that Donald Trump will unwittingly—or wittingly—disclose government secrets after he leaves office. / The Washington Post

In a brazen effort to appease Trump, Georgia's “orchestrated” election protest prompts more infighting among Republicans.  / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Related: Why are Republicans refusing to accept Biden’s win? Georgia. / POLITICO

Most of Trump’s election lawsuits have failed. A round-up of where some of the ”key” lawsuits stand. / NPR, The Guardian

Kevin Roose: It is possible for a story to be factually accurate and for it to be part of a misinformation campaign aimed at undermining confidence in an election. / Twitter

A postal worker whose claims have been cited by Republicans as evidence of voting irregularities admits that he fabricated the allegations. / The Washington Post

Related: A brief history of children sent through the mail. Meanwhile, voter fraud rocks New Zealand’s “Bird of the Year” competition. / Smithsonian Magazine, VICE

The QAnon conspiracy theory faces a post-Trump identity crisis. / The Washington Post

At the Donald J. Trump Library, you can visit the Covid memorial, eat at Drumpf’s Diner, or “play the prosecutor.” / The Donald J. Trump Library

Unrelated: Pictures of the International Space Station crossing the Sun and Moon. / PetaPixel

Dress codes “are perhaps the last ‘acceptable’ way for restaurants and bars to scrutinize and discriminate against Black patrons." / Eater

From July, examples from the early pioneers of Black printing and publishing. / I Love Typography

"This scent contains the lives of countless heroes and heroines." Powell's launches a scent that smells like indie bookstores. / CNN