Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Jane says.

In his testimony to Congress today, Ambassador Gordon Sondland confirmed Trump ordered US support to Ukraine be withheld in exchange for investigating Biden and the 2016 election. "Everyone was in the loop."

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With Evo's exit, Latin America's Pink Tide could be over, but the social movements that powered it are still alive.

An enlightening—and disturbing—report on Chicago public schools' use of "seclusion rooms" to isolate students with disabilities.

As survival rates improve, cancer has turned into a chronic condition, and patients are becoming a sought-after revenue stream for hospitals.

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Starting around 1870 and still going strong, the Janeites are Austen obsessives whose practices now govern online fan culture.

Still in the experimental stages, a bionic device can restore vision to the blind—to where it's possible to do everyday tasks.

An undercover investigation shows Long Island real estate agents steering and scrutinizing clients based on race.

A good way to think about taxes: You're paying for civilization.

"The results—if they can be summarized in a word—are troubling." Most American high schoolers can't spot fake news.

Researchers have located 142 new Nazca Lines in Peru.

Beyond Venice, 12 more historic locales that are at risk for flooding due to climate change.

A product review columnist rethinks a year of recommendations. CBD, it turns out, is worth the money. (A gel manicure kit is not.)

Watch: King Krule has written a short film, Hey World!, featuring four new songs.

A writer finds comfort—though perhaps not nutrition—in once again eating the same lunch she ate every day during her childhood.

Drawings of personally adored objects, by Laura Burke.