The European Union says six tech companies—including Alphabet, Amazon and Apple—will be subject to new antitrust regulations. / NBC News

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Bullet points for the "pretty big mess" that Congress returns to after its summer recess. / Wake Up to Politics

A study finds cancer cases in people younger than 50 have risen nearly 80% in the past three decades. / CNN

A study finds "prescriptions" for fruit and vegetables improve heart health. / NPR

A new law in Texas punishes prosecutors for refusing to pursue abortion cases. / The Guardian

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Meanwhile: Abortion access in Appalachia defended by "a conservative, gun-toting doctor." / STAT

In Los Angeles, you can now rent athletes' and entertainers' supercars when they're not driving them. / Robb Report

Eleven artists to watch this fall. Some highlights from IKEA's shuttered innovation lab. And a Spanish apartment redone for "checkerboard maximalism." / Artsy, dezeen, The Fox Is Black

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TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin repairs a broken manuscript by writing on paper. / Meditations in an Emergency

The "woman to blame" for introducing Jimmy Buffett to margaritas is a Texas designer. / Michael Corcoran's Overserved