Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Joe Biden is fine

In the biggest day of voting in the primary season, Joe Biden posts victories in nine states, maybe 10, in a rout that has no comparison in the history of party primaries.

Mike Bloomberg, who spent $500 million in ads, only won in American Samoa.

Alexandra Petri: “I just remembered Joe Biden is fine!”

If what happened between Saturday and last night seems familiar, you may be remembering it from four years ago, when it was the Republican establishment’s unfulfilled fantasy.

Btw, if you’re puzzled because you find Elizabeth Warren very impressive and lots of people you know feel the same way—you’re probably white and highly educated.

Your weekly white paper: People touch their face 23 times per hour, and nearly half of the touches are to the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Related: “I tried to go 24 hours without touching my face. I made it 18 minutes.”

The president is pushing to get a Covid-19 vaccine before the election. It doesn’t work like that.

(Maybe Trump is thinking of the "Be a Bat Man" suit, that uses UV light to sterilize itself?)

How to greet people on the street during the Covid-19 moment.

See also: A poem to remind you that people mostly don’t want to harm each other.

A powerful storm moved through Tennessee, spawning tornado activity that ripped through parts of Nashville.

The Supreme Court hears arguments today on a pivotal abortion case.

Prices for an abortion remain static, but clinics are getting nickel-and-dimed out of business.

You perceive the world in multiple frames of reference—which is partly why many gamers invert their controls.

“Sawanobori” is a type of mountaineering in Japan that follows mountain streams to their source, which often means climbing up waterfalls.

A mother-daughter team bought a French chateau and opened a bed-and-breakfast, in case you want to stay in a construction zone.

If you like your restaurants fancy and your chefs male and worshipped, here's a profile of Daniel Humm.

The 1960s changed Norman Rockwell into a social liberal.

A power failure caused Yemeni photographer Arif Al Nomay to lose years of work. But a found corrupted set may be some of his best.

Too much has been written about Kara Walker, but there’s always room for Zadie Smith, on anything.

Of all us kids, Paul was the only one to fight the do-not-resuscitate order. He wanted all measures taken to keep our father alive. “You have to understand,” he said over dinner. “Dad is my best friend.” David Sedaris and his siblings confront their father’s imminent death.