Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Just say neigh.

Biden signs a bill to invest more than $200 billion in American semiconductors in an effort to loosen dependence on overseas manufacturing. / CNN

See also: Western chipsets have continued flowing to Russia, even after the invasion. And that same technology is turning up in weapons used to strike Ukraine. / Reuters

Madison County, NC, will put an AR-15 in every school in response to the Uvalde shootings. / Asheville Citizen-Times

Court documents show Facebook provided a teenager's private messages to police, leading to her prosecution for abortion. / Motherboard

A suspect has been charged with two of the four recent homicides of Muslim men around Albuquerque. Investigators say "interpersonal conflict" may have been the motive. / Albuquerque Journal

"They were kind of like, 'Yada yada yada, the FBI is raiding Mar-a-Lago.'" A local Florida journalist on what was just the biggest scoop of his career. / BuzzFeed News

A Mississippi grand jury declines to indict the white woman whose accusations led to the 1955 murder of Emmett Till, and whose arrest warrant went unserved. / Axios

After a bike shop announced discounts for Black customers as part of a reparations plan, a right-wing lawyer—and a flurry of personal threats—led to its shutdown. / Outside

A Texas church put on a performance of Hamilton with unauthorized religious additions and an anti-LGBTQ sermon at the end. / OnStage Blog

"The technology dates to the 1970s—though this particular machine was updated in the '90s to make it Y2K-compliant." A tour of an IRS office shows why the agency needs $80 billion. / The Washington Post

New research deems rainwater is no longer safe to drink because of unsafe levels of forever chemicals. / Euronews

"But they still never sound the same way twice." What it's like when you're recording music in a digital world for analog aficionados. / Dada Drummer Almanach

A new exhibit explores how people have been reimagining Europe's Middle Ages ever since they actually happened. / Hyperallergic

"I'm not going to lie to you: This exercise isn't going to feel great!" An end-of-life doula on how to make the most of your time. / Vox

See also: People, ages five to 60, name their life's biggest mistake and what they learned. / The Morning News

"Her pet horse kept trying to break into the room while we slept." Airbnb horror stories. / VICE

Highlights from last weekend's Microsoft Excel esports championship. / Ars Technica

"A man in Huelva in southern Spain has been jailed for defrauding his employers out of €520,000 after he stole and resold 7,000 hams." / The Guardian