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Oil giants Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell, and TotalEnergies record a combined $190 billion in profits for 2022. / Quartz

See also: Oil companies vs. "oil bunkering" (oil siphoning) in the Niger Delta. / New Lines Magazine 

Allison Morrow: Chevron's big stock buyback—rewarding wealthy executives and shareholders, rather than investing in energy projects—is another way of saying "screw the optics." / CNN

After suffering decades of drilling, do Alaskan villages deserve compensation as climate refugees? / Undark

Six states make a deal to stabilize the drought-stricken Colorado River. California's farmers are likely to sue to block it. / Grist

A study finds that increasing urban tree cover by 30% may prevent a third of excess deaths caused by hot weather. / Bloomberg

TikTok sees a proliferation of "layoff creators" appear amidst the waves of white-collar unemployment. / Dirt 

Olivia Craighead: George Santos's alleged karaoke habits suggest he is a "Disney adult." / Gawker

Comparing the drive and practice routines of Steph Curry and field hockey sensation Erin Matson. / Carolina Stories

Story update: The missing radioactive capsule in Australia has been found. / BBC News

Archaeologists find gemstones that fell down a drain in one of ancient Rome's bathhouses. / The Guardian

Striking "photorealistic" renderings depict ​​Frank Lloyd Wright's unbuilt skyscrapers. / Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation 

Two previously unpublished poems by Silver Jews' David Berman. / Post45

Headline of the week? "Angry Football Fans Keep Punching Their TVs, and Shooting Them, and Knifing Them, and Running Them Over With Trucks." / The Atlantic

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