Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Known unknown knowns

Fossil fuel companies are quietly planning multiple projects that function as multibillion-dollar bets "against humanity halting global heating." / The Guardian

Republican states like Utah and South Carolina pass clean energy bills in the name of freedom and economics. / Grist

Five indicators suggest Anglophone countries are suffering the most from inflation. / The Economist

Meanwhile, a passenger on a private plane lands the aircraft without any flying experience. / USA Today

The House of Representatives approves more than $40 billion additional aid for Ukraine. / Reuters

One to three million Uyghurs have been placed in Chinese "reeducation centers." A comic about escaping one just won the Pulitzer. / Insider

See also: Video of the premiere of Raven Chacon's Pulitzer-winning "Voiceless Mass." / The Rest Is Noise

Alex Koppelman: Since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, we've known Roe was dead too. What else do we know for pretty much certain? / Reliable Sources

The White House is partnering with internet providers to offer high-speed service—at less than $30/month—to low-income Americans. / NPR

Amazon recruits small stores in Nebraska, Mississippi, and Alabama to deliver its packages. / Vox

Creepy/not creepy? Employers use software to scan corporate Slack chats for signs of burnout and mental distress. / Morning Brew

The world's richest man doesn't seem to know that mocking people online for being boring is an old trope of message boards. / Read Max

A poem to remind you that being Elon Musk is probably a pretty lonely thing to be. / TMN

Unrelated/related: "Man the pilgrim." "Man the greedy." "The man who wants to understand." Names our species has proposed for itself / Futility Closet

The White House has a record collection—Funkadelic, The Sex Pistols—stored offsite, and Jimmy Carter's grandson has been digging in the crates. / Washingtonian

A British documentarian, famous on the BBC, has a TikTok featuring rap bars he recorded 20 years ago. / The Los Angeles Times