Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Legs and brains

Secretary of State Antony Blinken flies to Europe in an effort to defuse tensions over Ukraine. / The Associated Press

Sudanese security forces kill seven and injure at least 100 ahead of a visit by senior American diplomats. / The New York Times

Democrats are attempting to change Senate rules today to force the chamber to move forward with voting rights legislation. / The Hill

Related: "The long slide: Inside Biden's declining popularity as he struggles with multiple crises." / The Washington Post

The government makes four free at-home Covid tests available to US residents. / Covidtests.gov

Helen Branswell: After Omicron, we could use a break. We may just get it. / STAT

Microsoft is set to buy Activision, the company behind games like Call of Duty and Candy Crush, for nearly $70 billion. / Quartz

Heidi Klum says a client took out a $2 million insurance policy on her legs, though one leg was worth less due to an old scar. / NBC News

Paul Ford: I often trick myself into thinking that the road to less stuff might be paved with more stuff. / WIRED

See also: A new Dior baby stroller costs $7,700. / Uncrate

Five "weed nuns" in Central California are teaching Christ through cannabidiol products. "Christianity is dying all around us." / Rolling Stone

Writer Jeff Weiss describes witnessing first-hand the recent murder of Drakeo, the rapper he helped to free from prison last year. / Los Angeles Magazine

What life is like as a "super-recognizer," i.e., someone who's exceptionally good at remembering faces. / The Morning News

How Britain's "Great Taste" awards for food are decided: with a lot of care, but also "baffling" comments. / Vittles

Unrelated: A video shows the world's largest cast-iron skillet traveling down a Tennessee highway. / UPI

Wikitrivia is a game where you try to sequence historical events in chronological order. / Wikitrivia