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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Let it all out.

Kreminna, in eastern Ukraine, is the first city in the Donbas region that appears to have been captured by Russian forces. / Al Jazeera

Claims of tanks' obsolescence have circulated since WWI, yet—except in the hands of Russia—they can still dominate battlefields. / VICE

"I bet Russian satellites are counting the hairs on my head right now." What it's like to live next door to a nuclear launch site in Montana. / The Washington Post

To assess the risk of dying of Covid, it may help to compare it to risks of dying in other ways. / The New York Times

What's missing from the viral video of airline passengers celebrating after the mask requirement was lifted: The passengers who suddenly worried about their safety. / BuzzFeed News

Though it also protected them, the mandate was a source of anxiety for  flight attendants, who have had to police mask-wearing and deal with an epidemic of unruly passengers. / The New York Times

See also: Uber and Lyft have chosen to lift their masking requirements. / CNBC

Related: A guide to masking requirements in the US, broken down state by state. / AARP

"There's something really relaxing about it." A scream artist on her career as a stunt person for vocal cords. / The Guardian

As concert ticket sales surge, more musicians test positive for Covid—it's ever apparent the business sees artists as replaceable. / Dada Drummer Almanach

One of the best predictors for becoming a one-hit wonder is when a song is popular, but doesn't introduce new ideas. / The Atlantic

In honor of legendary pianist Radu Lupu, who died this week at 76, listen to his 1973 performance of the third movement from Schumann's Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 54. / NPR, The Morning News

Alex Ross: "For me, Lupu was the supreme living practitioner of his instrument, a musician and artist of the highest order." / The Rest Is Noise

An investigation into the creator of Libs of TikTok, whose highly viral anti-LGBTQ+ posts are fueling outrage on the right. / The Washington Post

Chopsticks charged with a weak electrical current make foods taste saltier, and could be used to help curb salt intake. / The Guardian

Archeologists have discovered a beautifully preserved Roman mosaic beneath the city streets of Stari Grad in Croatia. / Hyperallergic

"But in time this office, my retreat, started to become a place of exclusion or of hiding." Nick Cave emerges from his home office. / The Red Hand Files

Wordle for redacted Wikipedia articles. / Redactle