Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Lip service.

President Donald Trump used his second State of the Union address to make repeated calls for bipartisanship, much to Democrats’ puzzlement.

Last week the president called bipartisan negotiations a "waste of time."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi trends on Twitter after she “invented this weird walrus clap that was mocking, aggressive, and delightfully surreal all at the same time.”

"I think the danger is to be timid." David Axelrod assesses the Democrats' candidates for president.

A moment Trump probably didn’t expect: Congresswomen clad in white standing “in jubilant celebration of all that women have accomplished.”

A group of black women talk about the pop culture they identify with, and the stereotypes they don’t.

Disinformation poses a threat to Nigeria’s upcoming elections, with no signs of it being addressed seriously.

Ian Parker makes a convincing case that Dan Mallory, author of the bestselling The Woman in the Window, is a lying cheat.

Trend report: Book covers are being designed with "statement wallpaper and fatty text" to appeal to online shoppers.

This year's Lunar New Year will be a litmus test for Chinese shoppers. In 2018, they spent $137 billion (!) during the holiday.

One argument for billionaires being good for democracy: the "independent, thickly muscled web of institutions" they fund.

One argument for California's controversial high-speed train: it could help to alleviate the housing crisis, like it did in Japan.

Half of Earth’s oceans will change color by 2100, a result of marine phytoplankton responding to climate change.

(Not mentioned once in the president’s remarks: climate change. Though he did boast about fossil fuel development.)

Of the 2,041 nuclear detonations that occurred last century, over 1,021 took place in Nevada. “Nuclear tourism” is on the rise.

Pictures from a travel photographer's trips across Northern Vietnam.

A British photographer captures six "snow rollers," a rare phenomenon where wheels of snow are rolled by the wind.

The happiness of Canadians and Scandinavians suggests that Americans should embrace winter better, if simply on a design level.

A short film from 1965 about making axes in Maine, before automation wiped out manufacturing things by hand.

How did Instagram bridge the gap between normal people and famous idiots? Porcelain veneers for $1,000 a tooth.

At pro sports events, nearly half of fans will place a call while using the restroom; eight percent will eat food.

Energy bars used to be for athletes. Now everybody uses them to replace meals.

A baseball killed a woman at Dodger Stadium last summer, the MLB’s first foul-ball death in nearly 50 years. About 1,750 fans per year are injured.