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Wednesday headlines: Living in a dematerialized world. (Dematerial!)

Migrant arrests at the US-Mexico border fell 28% in June after reaching a 13-year high in May.

Mexico's finance minister quit abruptly, saying the current administration's policymaking was not "based on evidence." 

The Affordable Care Act is being challenged in court again.

"If they are successful in striking down the Affordable Care Act, Republicans will own all of the consequences."

Five blunt observations about Trump from the British ambassador in Washington, whose diplomatic cables were leaked to a tabloid.

It feels like our politics are changing quickly, whereas our punditry is entrenched, defensive, and out of touch.

Half of Americans believe that fact-checkers are unbiased. Only a quarter say the same about the media in general.

When your bedroom starts to feel like a boat, earthquakes make you wonder what we mean by “land.”

Uber Helicopter debuts in New York City, with one-way trips from Manhattan to JFK International Airport costing about $200.

Watch: An experimental drone splits apart in midair and becomes five microdrones, “heading off on their own missions.”

One way the iPhone is good for the planet: smartphones contain dozens of products that now are "dematerialized."

A 13-year-old measured bathroom decibel levels dangerous to kids’ ears.

Some (expensive) sunscreens claim to repair DNA damage inflicted by UVB rays. They're not lying, but the story is complicated.

Podcast episode: Malcolm Gladwell says the patriots behind the Boston Tea Party patriots were actually gangsters.

"These are made from ghost peppers? More like Casper the Friendly Ghost peppers." Spicy snack power rankings.