Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Look before you sleep

Amid rising demand, oil prices climbed above $80 a barrel on Tuesday, hitting their highest level in three years. / BBC News

Britain's gas crisis is now seen as a Brexit crisis. / CNN

If the race to electric between Ford and General Motors is tight, "the longer-distance one to autonomous driving is even harder to call." / The Economist

President Biden's infrastructure bill doesn't go far enough to prepare the electric grid to go carbon-free. / Quartz

A new housing development in Silicon Valley features an "agrihood"—a working farm—at its center. / Freethink

Adam Serwer: More than 10 months after the election, we know of at least five ways in which Trump attempted to retain power. / The Atlantic

Unrelated: A wreath made from human hair includes tresses from Abraham Lincoln, his wife, his cabinet, and numerous United States senators. / Smithsonian Magazine

There are fewer people in the US behind bars now than 10 years ago. It may have more to do with the pandemic than broad reforms. / The Marshall Project

Anne Helen Petersen: What if "revenge sleep procrastination" and our mass sleep deprivation is an early form of a social movement? / Culture Study

The CDC says people who've received a Covid booster are reporting rates of side effects similar to those after the second shot. / STAT

Harvard Business School moves its classes back online, following a spike in Covid cases that's attributed to partying. "Our positivity rate is 12 times that of the rest of Harvard." / The Harvard Crimson

An infamous map at Yale, taken as further proof that Vikings reached the Americas before Columbus, is found to be fake. / Gizmodo

Pictures of today's Hollywood Boulevard by Andy Hann. And some nice drawings of fishmongers from Canary Wharf. / Andy Hann, It's Nice That

Levels of illegal drugs found running through a river near England's Glastonbury festival are so high they may be harming eels. / The Independent

Reporters who cover "the creatures beat" describe how much they love their job. Like perhaps this raven attacking a delivery drone? / Gawker, Business Insider

A Brooklyn designer weaves enormous nests for humans. / designboom