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Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Manic heat preachers

Russia attacks key Ukraine cities as invasion intensifies in its seventh day. / BBC News

The city of Lviv, previously a hub for tourism, is now a hub for the internally displaced. / The Washington Post

In Khakiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, "devastated buildings, failing electricity, and constant fear." / The New York Times

Putin's biographer, a veteran Russia watcher, says he is going to take the whole country if he can. / Politico Magazine

A street photographer's pictures of Ukraine from 2001 to 2021. / Flashbak

Black and Asian refugees fleeing the invasion are being blocked at borders while whites are prioritized. / The Independent

Related: Amid a stew of offensive descriptions, a handy chart recalls that Western media cares more about people in Western countries. / The Morning News

In Russia, there's no sign of the opposition on television. Meanwhile, its propaganda machine elsewhere is coming apart. / CNN, Vanity Fair

"War pages" on Instagram gather shocking footage and repost them with little context, mainly in an effort to gain followers. / Input Mag

Casey Newton says the internet is a force multiplier for Ukraine. / Platformer

Unrelated: The power of seeing only the questions in a piece of writing. / UX Collective

A round-up of President Biden's adlibs from last night's State of the Union address. / Reliable Sources

NASA's Parker Solar Probe discovers that Venus is so hot, its surface glows visibly at night through its clouds. / The New York Times

California may begin naming its heat waves to unscore the danger of extreme heat. / The Guardian

A report from what's probably one of the last stores to exclusively sell classical music on CD. "It's a hangout." / Texas Monthly

See also: A data-drive revisionist history of the NBA draft. / The Pudding