Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: March sister madness.

McConnell says he doesn't have the votes to block witnesses at the impeachment trial.

"By 2016, the nation’s political map corresponded neatly to the distribution of prosperity." Explaining the GOP's identity shift.

As panic over coronavirus spreads, it's a good time to remind Americans that they should be more worried about the flu.

The FDA warns Purell to stop claiming its hand sanitizer can prevent the flu, Ebola, MRSA, and norovirus.

Contrary to US Border Protection talking points, a whistleblower says his office was directed to question Iranians specifically.

Visualizations of six government-operated disinformation campaigns.

Google searches have an environmental impact. A counter shows how much carbon the search giant is emitting in real time.

When Star Trek: The Next Generation took down tech bros and a future of “algorithmically disposable people.”

Reconstructing a mummy's voice is a viral ploy, and should raise questions of ethics for Egyptologists.

During the AIDS epidemic, Ruth Coker Burks cared for the dying, and buried those abandoned by relatives in her family cemetery.

Jason Polan, well known for his ambitious "Every Person in New York" illustration project, and who inspired many new artists to draw, dies at 37.

Related: "There was no irony in [Polan’s] work. His was an art of taking pleasure in and appreciating the people, places, and things of the world."

Amid the controversy surrounding American Dirt, here are books that get the border right.

"I decided in my head we didn’t have a Beth because Beth died in the book." The dangers of naming children after fictional characters.

Tolkien felt bad about procrastinating on his Chaucerian, academic responsibilities, but that gave us Lord of the Rings.

How to brew beer in space: rice, hops, and kelp—grown hydroponically.

Put the cheap, filling stuff at the front, use extra-small tongs for meat—and other ways all-you-can-eat buffets turn a profit.

“The pianos that remain in our homes are often more decorative than useful.” On the rewards of amateur music-making, which was nearly all there was before recorded music.

Generate a map of all the streets for any city in the world.

Watch: Buttes and mesas imagined as rocky, infinite skyscrapers.