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Wednesday headlines: Million Vlogger Baby.

Federal prosecutors won’t bring criminal charges against the New York City cop who choked Eric Garner to death.

"Trump appeared in a live-action remake of racial comments," and other handy euphemisms for white supremacists.

Snopes stops saying "fake news," as the term is too imprecise, and now uses "junk news" for content that displaces real news.

Under the threat of ICE raids, Coloradans without papers live in heightened fear of outsiders.

A Border Patrol agent offers an inside look at how ethics at detention centers have deteriorated.

Due to a lack of transparency, we still don't know the details on West Virginia's 2018 absentee voting blockchain experiment.

Visualizing Apollo 11's transmission log. 

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What John Maynard Keynes made of Isaac Newton's million words written on magic and his secret Unitarianism.

What APIs are doing when you're not looking.

Science hopes to create a vaccine that can target the inflammation thought to cause stress, anxiety, and depression.

A laid-off journalist writes an account of the ups and downs in her current job as an Amazon warehouse worker.

Kansas has fewer than 10,000 prisoners, and more than 7,000 books are banned for them.

Most Chinese children say they want to be an astronaut when they grow up. In the US and UK, the answer is "vlogger" or "YouTuber."

Two years later, Netflix erases the suicide scene from the first season of 13 Reasons Why.

Dying without a will is the leading cause of involuntary land loss among African Americans.

Hydrogen-fueled vessels offer promise in reducing carbon use in ocean freight shipping, which accounts for 3% of global emissions.

The “Uninteresting Photography” Twitter account is exactly that.

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Nostalgia for the present and other slightly surreal observations from Chuck Klosterman, ahead of his new book.

The UK's longest-named pub—The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn—reopens next to the shortest-named one.

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