Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Moog state.

"In the US, the rights of many marginalized groups are tied to the legal precedents established in the fight for abortion rights." Alito's plan to repeal the 20th century. / The Atlantic

In fact, leaks do frequently emerge from the modern Supreme Court, including for the original Roe v. Wade decision. / Motherboard

Once a destination for Texas residents who needed abortions, Oklahoma enacted a Texas-style abortion ban yesterday. / BuzzFeed News

A map of the driving distances between states for people seeking abortions. / Guttmacher Institute

See also: "This is how you dox someone traveling across state lines for abortions." A data broker is selling location data on people visiting abortion clinics. / Motherboard

The EU has proposed an embargo on Russian oil, though Hungary and Slovakia have requested exemptions, as they're too reliant on Russia's supplies. / Associated Press

A discussion of the possible merits of releasing grisly war-zone imagery to the public. / Rest of World

"When they do come in lifeless, that's when you really know you got to work quickly." A moment-to-moment record of how hospitals save gunshot victims' lives. / BuzzFeed News

There's been a deadly surge of people entering NYC subway tracks. / The City

The Memetune Programme is a new, vintage series on vintage synthesizers. / The Morning News

"Measuring the extent of self-reviewing at the New York Review of Books from 1963-2022." / Dan Stone 

There are signs Covid is becoming more like seasonal flu, yet: "This is not a thing that ends in a way that people understand." / STAT

An interactive dissection of Tucker Carlson's popularity—it's always about how "they" want to control and destroy "you." / The New York Times

JD Vance won last night's Ohio Republican primary, a victory due in large part to an endorsement by Trump. / Cleveland.com

A newly released watchdog report says Trump's Dept. of Homeland Security appears to have altered an intelligence report on Russian election interference "in part on political considerations." / CNN

Watch: "The damage is irreversible." Documenting the ecocide occurring at the US-Mexico border from the construction of Trump's wall. / The Morning News

Elon Musk's Wikipedia page is a hotbed of Musk fans and detractors—and those who merely want to state known facts. / Slate

The New York Times says its purchase of Wordle "brought an unprecedented tens of millions of new users." / The Verge