Headlines, Y'All

Wednesday headlines: Moshy moshy.

What to watch for as the House of Representatives prepares to vote on two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump.

Boeing says it will suspend production of its flawed 737 Max jetliner in January.

The $50 billion merger of Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot will create the world’s fourth-largest auto company.

A slightly dated but still good proposal to use occupational satisfaction as the broad indicator of economic performance.

"The resources of simplicity have been all but exhausted." The new, messier world of free trade: jerry-rigged and less free.

For Gen Z, capitalist production has become an objective hazard. Whether it’s ecological collapse or wage stagnation—Keynes got it wrong.

A successful bargaining session between a campus food-services contractor and a service-workers union means Thursday’s Democratic debate is back on.

Ross Douthat says the Trump era offers plenty to laugh about. (Even the whole climate crisis thing?)

An advertising agency bought a bunch of billboards and left them blank to give people some respite during the holidays.

Using Chicago’s urban grid to show disparity in living conditions on the city’s north and south sides.

Local exposure to fatal school shootings increases youth antidepressant use by 21.4 percent in the following two years.

The case of a journalist being attacked by a tweet (that gave him a seizure) brings new meaning to the idea of “online assault.”

A selection of photographs from the previous year. See also: some photos that were just so 2019.

Also, a good list of some of the decade's better documentaries.

A quest across Japan, covering 621 miles on an old historic highway, involves a search for perfect "pizza toast."

A punk band turns a Denny’s in Los Angeles into a mosh pit.

Want to see a walking bicycle? Have a good day.