Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Mostly dead is slightly alive.

If passed, the bipartisan Senate deal would continue funding the ACA insurer subsidies and advertising outreach Trump wants to kill.

US-backed forces have captured Raqqa, the "capital" of ISIS, which in the past three months has lost two of its three most important strongholds.

The bombing in Mogadishu that killed 300 may have been in retaliation for a US-led raid in Somalia two months ago that killed 10 civilians.

The latest Trump travel ban has been blocked by a federal judge, who cited that, like its predecessors, this one "plainly discriminates based on nationality."

Incredible photos from Sonoma and Napa, where the wildfires have often nothing left to return to.

Anytime you see a museum wing named after the Sacklers, credit OxyContin, one of the most dangerous drugs ever sold.

Some leftists hesitate at gun control because harsh laws fall on the poor—others promote Panthers-era self-defense.

Beyond shady, Scott Pruitt's maneuvering to cripple the EPA is arguably illegal—and headed to the Supreme Court.

In the Netherlands—the globe’s number-two exporter of food—climate-controlled farms work around the clock.

Ireland is the only objector to the international definition of tea—because who adds milk prior to pouring the tea?

Wikipedia isn't dead, but the rate of new contributors is flatlining, and human knowledge—once again—is at risk.

Magnets targeted behind your right ear can suppress the "theory of mind" factor of your moral judgments.

Humans are more likely to confide in cute robots. (We should expect robots will use this to plot against us.)

This video tells the story of a Soviet street dog named Laika—in her own words, as it were—who went to space aboard Sputnik 2 and became the first animal to orbit Earth.

“45. The rising clout of obnoxious leftists who hate me is probably good for America.” Matthew Yglesias attempts 141 unpopular opinions after dinner.

Cool video of road “zippers” changing the configuration of lanes on a highway.

Martin Reisch mimics '80s video games by taking aerial photos of himself lying on the ground.