Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Nice democracy you got there.

John Bolton has left the Trump administration, after either resigning or being fired. Trump is expected to announce the fourth national security advisor of his presidency next week.

Ahead of an appeal that will be heard by the UK's Supreme Court next week, Scotland's highest civil court rules Johnson's suspension of Parliament is unlawful.

According to a political psychologist, democracy is threatened because humans aren’t wired to make it work.

"Despite my general ignorance—I did not know what the words 'hijacking' or 'terrorist' meant—I still realized that this major attack had something to do with my people." Omer Aziz, who was 11 years old on Sept. 11, 2001, on the day he suddenly became confused about his place in America.

America's STEM obsession devalues college's educational potential while ignoring the realities of turbulent job markets.

California passes a bill making it harder for gig economy companies to classify workers as independent contractors—a move that could affect more than a million people.

Portraits of American life by Robert Frank, the influential photographer who died this week at 94.

The number of Americans without health insurance has increased for the first time since the ACA was passed.

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How border tensions, economic development, and war affect lights on Earth as seen from space.

"Closing borders never ever has worked." What to do in case of a pandemic, according to a health security expert.

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For his "For Forest" exhibition, Klaus Littmann has planted 300 trees in an Austrian soccer stadium.

Drought in Spain has made a 7,000-year-old monument of around 100 standing stones fully visible for the first time in decades.

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“That’s not what’s beautiful about music and musical expression. It’s about responding to your place in time and your environment and your own personal expression of that.” Holly Herndon, “Spem in Alium,” and new frontiers in polyphony.

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Correction to yesterday’s newsletter: Remembering Georges Simenon, France’s Belgium’s one-man fiction factory and creator of the archetypal fictional detective.