Russia's prime minister says relations with China are "at an unprecedented high level." / Reuters

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, no American governors have visited China, though four have visited Taiwan since the start of last year. / Politico

An investigation finds Chevron's efforts to offset its enormous emissions rely on "worthless" schemes. / The Guardian

A new report says PET plastic bottles—at every stage of their life cycle—are bad for human health. / Grist

Unrelated: How your smartphone battery works. / Material World

Apple looks to invest more than $400 billion in domestic manufacturing. / Quartz

A new edible coffee cup, capable of holding a hot beverage for 40 minutes, tastes "like an unsweetened wheat biscuit." / Bloomberg

Scientists hope to launch a wooden satellite into orbit made from magnolia. / The_Byte

Profile of a bat observer credited with "solving" a mysterious virus in Australia. / ProPublica 

A roundup of daily dangers to be overcome if humans ever want to live on Mars. Meanwhile, maps of parking lots in the central areas of 50+ cities. / Aeon, Parking Reform Network

Headline of the morning? "A Swedish newspaper is having AI rap its articles in an attempt to get young people interested in the news." (You can hear a sample here.) / Business Insider, Aftonbladet

Online fandoms are suffering from a wave of puritanism that finds anything vaguely sexual "gross." / Vox 

A new persona said to be emerging on TikTok (though without much evidence): women proud of being "bed people." / Dwell