Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Nineteen baby-four.

Since El Paso, at least six men have been arrested in separate threats to undertake copycat murders.

A lack of diversity in media is seen in the short shrift given to the targeted nature of the El Paso attack.

A comparison of right-wing media and the El Paso killer's manifesto finds hundreds of examples of overlapping talking points.

Julián Castro releases an ad that directly blames Trump's rhetoric for El Paso—to air on Fox News, including Trump’s favorite Fox & Friends.

Mere days later, your baby will appear on television with the very man who inspired the terrorist who killed both you and your husband. A photograph is taken, for posterity. On the photo of Melania Trump holding the youngest survivor of the El Paso massacre.

Trump's cold shoulder to Venezuela has left southern Caribbean nations in a lurch—and could open the door for Chinese influence.

As Hong Kong protesters occupy the airport again, China conducts military exercises near the border.

Newark's water supply is contaminated with lead, and it turns out the city-distributed filters don't work.

See also: A clothing line designed to confuse automatic license plate readers.

As phone call quality diminishes, the need for an agreed-upon spelling alphabet—think "foxtrot"—resurfaces.

Humans speak with their vocal cords; apes don't have them at all. Neanderthals are somewhere in between.

Listen: A musicologist offers multiple songs that fit the same musical pattern that decided the Katy Perry/Flame lawsuit.

In quantum mechanics, the smallest unit of sound is the phonon. For the first time we can hear one without destroying it.

Watch: A deepfake replacing Bill Hader's face with Tom Cruise's, while Hader performs an impression of Cruise.

The fake LaCroix flavor generator.