Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Nobody here but us birds.

Among the materials seized from Mar-a-Lago were documents so highly classified that they required authorized clearance on a need-to-know basis. / The Washington Post

For the first time, a judge has referred to Jan. 6 as an "insurrection," in a decision to remove a county commissioner from office for participating in the riots. / CNN

See also: More than half of the ballots in the US election this fall will include an election denier. / FiveThirtyEight

Photos: Uvalde students head back to school, just over three months after the deadliest school shooting in state history. / The Texas Tribune

"They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from raiders as well as angry mobs." The world of ultra-rich preppers. / The Guardian

See also: The hottest September day was just recorded in Death Valley. / Mic

"Suddenly they no longer had to shout over the traffic." Urban birds began singing more softly during the pandemic. / Atlas Obscura

We need your support! Find out why and view our membership and donation options. / The Morning News

Helen Santoro on life without a left temporal lobe, commonly associated with language—though apparently not in all brains. / The New York Times

Watch: Real-time footage of the nearly 10-hour complete rotation of Jupiter, the fastest-rotating planet in our solar system. / YouTube

When dating apps no longer appeal, some find love through view-only dating profiles on Google Docs. / WIRED

AI presents a new way for students to cheat on writing assignments—and because it's not exactly plagiarism, it can't be detected using traditional methods. / Slate

On the recent rediscovery of Andrew Wyeth's drawings in which he imagined his own funeral. / Art & Object

"And, of course, there's Paw Patrol." How do you make the perfect toy? / The Walrus