Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Nobody loves Big Brother more than me, OK?

Before-and-after aerial photos of Puerto Rico offer a glimpse at the extent of devastation. On the ground, the health situation is dire—only 20 hospitals are operational and 911 is offline.

The Republican runoff to fill Jeff Sessions' Senate seat in Alabama became a proxy battle of Bannon v. Trump and the GOP. After his candidate lost, Trump deleted his get-out-the-vote tweets, and we have always been at war with Eastasia.

Homeland Security will begin collecting social media on immigrants and anyone they interact with—so, everybody.

Women in Saudi Arabia will no longer need a legal guardian to get a driver's license or while driving a car.

“At one point I saw what I first thought was a dead woman’s face. I was suddenly overwhelmed by my memory of a family member’s corpse, and then I realized that it’s me.” Harrowing book excerpt on the 2013 Vanderbilt rape, for which three football players were convicted—a rare result.

Chad is a US counterterrorism ally, and no one seems to know why it's included on Trump's latest travel ban.

Even though his tweet breaks their terms of service, Twitter declines to remove Trump's threat to North Korea.

Taking a knee might not be popular now. Neither was marching against Iraq and Vietnam, or for gay and civil rights.

Trump's tax plan: Cut the top tax rate for the wealthiest Americans, dramatically reduce taxes on businesses.

Coal terminal that would have expanded US exports by 40% felled by environmental review at Washington port.

To keep ourselves in check, Clinton owned an email server. Kushner had GoDaddy. Private email isn't always illegal.

More Americans were arrested for pot last year than for all violent crimes combined.

"Dude, autumn happens here too." Photographs of fall colors in California.

Photos of the world–renowned Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, after a fire shut it down until at least November.

“Even when you hit an artery, it’s coming out a little faster than when you hit a vein, sure, but you’re not getting blood on the wall on the other side of the room.” Since TV medical dramas are no longer regulated by physician oversight, storylines have gotten more unreal.

Antibiotics are on borrowed time: There's now pre-existing resistance to every treatment in the pharma pipeline.

The Steeler who walked out and stood for the anthem—and whose jersey became a top seller—says it was unintentional.

After their hate forums were banned, Redditors who stuck around reduced their hate speech by more than 80%.

A fascinating look at Jacques Tati’s astoundingly choreographed comedy sequences in Playtime (1967) and its 1958 “dress rehearsal,” Mon Oncle.

Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" is only the second rap single by a woman to reach number one since Lauryn Hill in 1998.

Devo was terrified when they played "Satisfaction" for Mick Jagger. Then he started to dance.

“Here we find some of IAE’s essential grammatical characteristics: the frequency of adverbial phrases such as ‘radically questioned’ and double adverbial terms such as ‘playfully and subversively invert.’” An investigation of International Art English.

If you have ASMR and love Twin Peaks, just try to make it through this hour-long, whispered reworking of “This is the water.”