Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Nominally complex.

Robert Mueller's team would appear to be winding down their investigation. At the same time, it appears to be quite busy.

See also: “New Mueller probe revelations explain Trump's rage,” or “Trump's ever-expanding list of grievances.”

The Nebraska Farm Bureau puts crop and ranch losses at $900 million after the recent devastating floods.

A poll on WeChat in China finds 56% of respondents feeling "extremely sympathetic" after reading the Christchurch killer's manifesto.

You can join the latest social-media trend in China for about five bucks: being showered with compliments by random people.

How "Brexit"—a “complex nominal,” or a noun that "packs in a great deal of meaning"—changed the English language.

A new dictionary of African politics reveals insightful political terminology.

Women, both educated and uneducated, were pivotal to liberation movements across Africa. They've mostly been forgotten.

A psychotherapist reviews a new book that demolishes the psychological explanations of misogyny.

Dr. Karen Uhlenbeck, from the University of Texas at Austin, is the first woman to win math's Abel Prize.

Some tips on how to disappear from society, according to a Bitcoin evangelist. ("Buy a decoy house to fool the D.M.V.")

"Palestinian food certainly isn't unattainable." An interview about a recent favorite cookbook of ours, Zaitoun by Yasmin Khan.

A “calorie dissident” says that the persistence of calorie-counting compounds the obesity epidemic, rather than remedying it.

"Buffet Buddhists" are Westerners who use the religion for their needs, not for worship.

Watch: A video, with zero narration, on how to make a cheesecake that looks like cheese, watched over by a pair of tiny toy mice.