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Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Normally having.

At least 60 people are dead after troops attacked pro-democracy protesters in Sudan's capital Khartoum.

The UN’s deputy high commissioner for human rights says a recent global rise in illiberalism has a single source: Donald Trump.

Related: Pompeo made a big statement on Tiananmen and the Uighurs. If only the White House’s approach to human rights wasn't so, er, uneven.

China successfully launched a rocket from a ship at sea for the first time.

To many in Asia, America’s war on Huawei or its sanctions against buyers of Russian arms or Iranian oil “look an awful lot like China’s ‘toolkit of coercion.’”

A very nice account of what it’s like to take a walk for six weeks by yourself across Japan.

See also: Drawings by Masami Onishi of Japanese maintenance trains that only work at night.

Exercise and time spent with friends are effective antidepressants. A third? "Prayer in the form of appreciation/admiration."

“We live in a global economy, and democracy hasn’t scaled up.” An interview with director Astra Taylor about her film What is Democracy?

Your Wednesday longread: The story around the Central Park Five was so wrong, in part, because it didn’t put the serial rapist’s victims first.

“My body is a compass.” On the role of belief—and ayahuasca—in health care.

Linguistically, the “millennial normal” phrase may reverse the term's meaning, but it also reflects broad changes from the last 10 years.

Fashion design student Fredrik Tjærandsen explains his collection of deflatable balloon clothes.